Zheyao Wang

to the exciting micro- and nanoworld!”

--Prof. Wang, Zheyao

In M.AI.N group, we explore and investigate the invisible world with dimensions down to micrometer and nanometer, through MEMS and nanotechnologies. This amazing world provides unbelievable mechanical and physical phenomena that are impossible in macro world. By using micro and nanotechnologies, we investigate micro- and nanosensors with high sensitivity for medical diagnoses and treatments, develop microfluidic devices for cell behavior research and tissue engineering, construct large-scale optical sensor arrays for better imaging, and develop advanced 3-D integration technology for integrated microsystems and complex integrated circuits.

We encourage and welcome you to join us to challenge the micro- and nanoworld, either as a master student, a Ph.D student, or a postdoc. We have position openings and open our arms for you. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Below are the areas we focus on:



Microcantilever arrays, Stress Sensors, lab on chip...

3D Integration


CMOS-compatible 3D integration technology, Cu-based Vertical Interconnect...



Synthesis of carbon nanotubes, Si nanowire sensor...



July 13, 2012
Huang Cui is awarded the "National Scholarship" due to her superb interconnect research! Congratuations!

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Division of Micro/Nano Devices and Systems
Institute of Microelectronics
Tsinghua University
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